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Sense Of Taste

Wild Caught & Farmed Abalone

High and firm lips with a rich, delicate taste!
Abalone is a most value shellfish in the world that requires least effort to create the perfect dish. The abalone meat texture is smooth and tender, and perfect sense of balance between taste of wild and salty. We offer a wide range of abalone from dried to canned to vacuum packed.

Nutrition and Health
Abalone not only tastes great, but also highly nutritious and is an excellent source of protein, iodine, iron and omega 3. Abalone contains no trans-fat.

Sea Cucumber

NYS Marine produces all in house products under the strictest of standards and controls. No addictive and chemical were added in our products.

We do not bleach our sea cucumber, ensuring it retains all its natural flavor and tenderness.

Zero cholesterol with rich in collagen.
Sea cucumber makes up one of the prestigious seafood in Chinese cuisine. Sea cucumber has no distinct flavor of their own and is quite bland but will take on the flavors of the other ingredients it is cooked along with.


Natural sweet flavor and tender.
Our crab meat not only chunky but also incredibly delicious and can be prepared in numerous ways. Crab meat is such an easy way to make any recipe, appetizer, lunch, or dinner.

Nutrition and Health
Our crab meat is rich in calcium, iron and important nutrients, and for a minimal amount of calories, you get lots of protein.


Premium quality lobster meat.
Our advance processing technology “UHP” allows the meat to be detached successfully from the shell leaving the raw flesh whole (tails, claws, knuckles and legs) resulting in a higher yield per lobster. Our customer can save the hassle of removing it from the shell and allowing them to get all the taste and textures out of their gastronomic creations, which is almost impossible when using pre-cooked meat.

The UHP process leaves the tender texture and delicate flavor of the lobster meat intact and maintains all its natural nutrients and protein.


Authentic dried and frozen Hokkaido scallop.
Dried scallop has a firmer texture, sweet yet briny. Dried scallop is like a stock cube and has an excellent taste, with the right amount it can reveal umami flavor to a dish. It is often used in soups, congees and sauces to enhance rich savory flavor.

Sweet in taste and soft in texture!
Our frozen Hokkaido scallops are cultivated using a method known as bottom culture. One of the greatest sustainable and successful methods for shellfish culture in the world. During harvesting, the scallops are shucked at port and enter a freezer tunnel to Individually Quick Freeze (IQF) for distribution. The result is a fresh, clean hearty scallop, tastes sweet and tender. One of the all-naturals and sustainable ways to enjoy one of the most delicious seafoods from the sea.

Nutrition and Health
Scallops are highly nutritious and loads of health benefits. Scallops are a low fat seafood choice that is a good source of protein and great calorie value for the nutrition. Scallops are great for dietary plan since they are low in calories.

Fish Maw

We do not bleach and add any addictive to our fish maw.

Protein dense, nutrient and collagen.
Fish maw is a delicacy ingredient in Chinese cuisine and excellent source of collagen, proteins, and nutrients. It has a spongy texture. Fish maw is generally used to complement in any dish and to enhance the flavour while giving you the healthy nutrients.

Nutrition and Health
Fish maw is considered one of the precious ingredients rated along with abalone, sea cucumber and shark’s fin due to its high nutritional content. Fish maw contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium. Fish maw is also regarded as a nourishing boost that helps blood circulation and beneficial to the general health.

Dried Foods

NYS Marine offers a variety of dried foods that suitable for household and family. Needing no refrigeration makes dried foods ideal for easy storage and longer shelf life.